Calvin Redpine was the father of Alex and Nora.


Calvin Redpine was passionate about science and geology in particular. His marriage to Judy was forged on their mutual love of space matter, and, while they lived, they enthusiastically passed along their curiosity and expertise to the kids.

Calvin was revealed to be Sajhome, he had lead the expedition against Judy. The first sign was Dr. MacArthur, who was secretly working for him. Alex had obtained the footage of Sajhome and slowed it down. They noticed a brown haired man in the photo. Alex ran screaming down the hall for Dr. Evers, and showed the rest of the team.

Dr. Evers had set up a "meeting" with Dr. MacArthur to an old abandoned prison. But it was really to interrogate and extract information from him. Alex had killed MacArthur in the process.

It was also revealed that Sajhome had revered Dylan. His lungs were damaged, so, Sajhome gave him a mask.

Sajhome was hiding in an old abandoned electrical tower on Tethys, and since Jack was on Tethys at the time of the threat, they decided to confront Sajhome there.

Upon the encounter, Alex had lost his arm, but was not killed. Mira had used her magnetized metal mace to kill Dylan, Calivn fled, and Dylan told them his story.

Sajhome's next attack was on Titan, the team figured out where he might be, an old abandoned power plant in the town of Arbon.

Once they had approached the tower, Alex had used a masking device he got from a corpse to go inside, he had fooled Sajhome. Once their plan worked, the gang attacked. Nora had shot her father with her rador, but it was accidentally set on "Kill". Nora had killed Calvin in the process.


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  • He was presumed missing until Titan Terror, when it was revealed he was living a new life as Sajhome.
  • He revealed that Kelly Edwards was searching for Judy on Triton.